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30 January 2019

Is Flexible Productivity the Most Effective Productivity?

A couple of mornings ago I was up about 2.30am, wide awake and wanting to go for a run. I thought it was too early although […]
16 December 2019
Decision Making - Outcomes not Costs

Decision Making – Outcomes not Costs

When considering undertaking services for your business it’s important to give thought to your decision making process. How do you decide whether or not to take […]
6 January 2020
Best Fit or Best Practice?

Best Fit or Best Practice?

This is a topic I’ve covered more extensively in HR but applies in many business areas. How do you choose the processes and policies for your […]
10 January 2020
How I see financial management as a CFO

How I see Financial Management as a CFO

I realise most in business don’t come from a financial background yet find themselves heading up business and struggling to grasp it. We all have different […]