David Toohey, Author at Ascendis Solutions

David Toohey

12 February 2020
Have an Accountant yet You Still Don't Know?

Have an Accountant yet You Still Don’t Know?

It’s only too common where businesses have engaged an accountant yet feel they don’t know how they’re performing, where they should focus, and aren’t getting the […]
3 February 2020
Systemisation: Costs and Benefits

Systemisation: Costs and Benefits

Many businesses have systems and processes that aren’t documented, are just habits formed within the business, or even made up as work is performed. It’s a […]
22 January 2020
Knowledge and Experience. It Is Available.

Knowledge and Experience. It is Available

Yesterday I was involved as one of several mentors in a Mentoring for Growth session, working to help a local business with challenges they faced. It’s […]
20 January 2020
Business Systems - Excel to Cloud

Business Systems: Excel to Cloud

For years now we’ve seen businesses managed using Excel. Even last week we’ve been introduced to one with some 900 staff yet many aspects of the […]