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Small Business Support & Mentoring

David Toohey MBA BBus(Acc)

Support For Your Needs

We wear so many hats but not all are a great fit for us.

Those of us that run small business find ourselves having to deal with so many different aspects of business. We have to deal with sales and marketing, financial management, client relationships, product or service development, legal, procurement and supply chain management, staffing or outsourced services. So many areas to cover and often not areas we're familiar or confident with.

Where do you turn when you need direction or a hand?

You might have some great people helping with GST or year end accounts, social media, website development or in other areas but there are areas you do need help with. Online social network forums are a wealth of advice, some good and some not so good. One important thing when it comes to good solid advice is that the person giving it understands you, how you work and what your business is all about.

About Me

I've had nearly 25 years of managing my own businesses, worn the different hats and gone through the struggle of dealing with challenges I was not highly skilled or experienced with. My first business was a graphic design firm, and thankfully my partner at the time was skilled in design as I was clueless. Since then I've had several online businesses, a slipper manufacturing company, an advertising agency, bars/restaurants and my consultancy firm.

With varying levels of success over the years, luckily I've not had a catastrophic failure myself althoughI have worked with several others that have been close. It does get easier. All my work with my own business as well as dozens of clients (if not hundreds) has given me such a passion that I wanted to take my knowledge further. Completing Bachelor and Master level business qualifications gave me a solid foundation on the decades of experience I had already built.

Leadership and Guidance

Strategic Direction

Insight and Understanding

Empowering Support

My Offer for Small Business

Management Support and Mentoring

Now most of my client work is with companies from $1 Million to $20 Million annual turnover but I still have a passion for small business and all the different aspects of it. For years I've mentored numerous small business owners, helping address challenges and provide insight and direction. I simply want to help others, use my knowledge and experience to save you some of the pain I've worked through and make your journey easier and a little less lonely.

So what will I do for you?

Up to 5 small business owners and managers will have access each month to:

  • 2 x 1 hour one-on-one sessions focused on your needs
  • 1 hour support assistance, hands-on help to move you forward
  • Feedback and advice via phone or messaging on minor matters
  • Discounted support services - financial and operational management, online development
  • Monthly basis, no lock-in or minimum period

Heavily reduced at just $495/month (ex GST).

Do I have all your answers?

No. And i don't know anyone that does. I'll be straight-up honest with you, and may refer you to experts for particular needs but I'll be able to help with directing you through a broad range of areas. You will feel supported and more confident of steps to take along paths you've not yet traveled. We're all different, think in work in different ways and I don't make the decisions for you but I help arm you better in making those decisions for yourself. I'll give you my thoughts and opinions, share my knowledge and experience and I won't pass judgement.

I'm not a coach. I don't have a program or way of guiding you through a pre-set process for your own improvement. I have hands-on practical knowledge and experience and I will support and assist you in that way. Your needs continue to change, your business grows and evolves, and I assist you with solutions where they are needed.

Let me know you're interested

Complete the form below and we'll arrange a chat to understand your business and needs, and also see if we both feel it's a good fit. It is better for both of us to feel comfortable and confident in working together.

  • Please outline any challenges you're currently facing, weaknesses you feel you have, what you feel you need help with and/or what you want to achieve.