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Get On Top

No Rates - Pay the Value to You
No Rates – Pay the Value for You
17 December 2019
What's been your biggest headache in the last year?
What’s been your biggest headache in the last year?
27 December 2019
Get On Top

It's a new year and for many it will be quiet. Others are away, business has slowed yet you're still working and wanting to push sales but should this be your main focus?

Get Value From Your Time

Depending on your industry it might be costing you a lot more in advertising, marketing effort and your time for each sale and dollar earned. Is that really the best at this time of year? I'll be betting that chances are you're not truly on top of your business management. It's actually rare that I see SMEs that are on top of things yet at a time where it's not as effective to push sales, that's still the focus as though it's the answer to all problems.

Take a moment and think about your management reporting.

If there's ever a good time to truly get on top of things, to make those changes you've been thinking or catch up on tasks you've pushed aside for too long... that time is now!

Leave the sales for when you can make them using less resources, at a lower cost. Certainly, give thought to your strategy, equip yourself with the tools to attack it properly when you can get decent results.

Look at those areas of business that can be improved, for most that's financial management from more timely record keeping through to proper reporting with necessary accrual adjustments. Get an understanding of your break-even point and use it to see each day, week and month as a guide to knowing your performance.

How much easier might that be if you knew exactly how many items or $s in sales you need each day or week before you turn a profit?

Also take a look at your processes, the manner in which you operate and provide service. Is it as efficient as possible, the best application of resources you have available? Or are other aspects of your business letting you down? You mightn't know the solution but the first step is recognising there may be problems, even if you're not sure what those actually are or why!

If you need a hand in getting on top, or just with some direction or a kick-start with it don't hold back. Ask people such as ourselves, find the right fit for you and make it happen because the year ahead could become the best you've ever seen.

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