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No Rates – Pay the Value for You

Decision Making - Outcomes not Costs
Decision Making – Outcomes not Costs
16 December 2019
Get On Top
Get On Top
24 December 2019
No Rates - Pay the Value to You

This is a little bit of a risk, a bit of an experiment and also a demonstration of me putting my money where my mouth is... so stick with me to the end!

Recently having a chat with a colleague in mentoring vulnerable women over 50 in business and the topic of paying for value came up. It reminded me of a time when I lived in London where a restaurant did away with pricing. They decided people can pay how much they feel it was worth.

Certainly a Gamble, was it successful?

They were reporting most people were paying more than what would have been expected. The restaurant felt it placed the onus on them to deliver great food with awesome service, and people agreed. There were a few that took advantage but overall people were honest and paid what they felt was the true worth.

How's this relate to our offer?

For the first 3 new clients, up to a day a month over the next 3 months, we're not going to charge our rates! We know the value we can add, the ways we can help business with their financial management and understanding, how better decisions can be made and how operations can be made more efficiently and effectively. We know the value we can bring and input in strategy.

So... those 3 businesses will ONLY pay what they feel is the value to them!

We only ask you be honest in the value we bring and give us the opportunity to provide you with solutions and benefit. This follows on from my post on looking at outcomes, so really taking the cost concern out of it, this is a great opportunity to really focus on outcomes.

Am I crazy? Am I prepared to take this gamble?

Maybe. I'm curious and am prepared to take on this experiment and put trust in our service as well as in business so if you're interested in having a chat, let's do it!

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