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6 Steps to Overcome Your Business Headaches

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Every business has its challenges to overcome, from the smallest sole operator to the largest corporation. Challenges will always continue to appear as we live in an ever-changing world with evolving industries, new and progressive competitors, developing technology, alterations to regulations, and also our own team and customers changing.

When looking at a challenge there are 6 things to consider and keep in mind:

  • Look at the deeper cause behind it;
  • Get a fresh perspective;
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of your resources;
  • More sales is not the answer;
  • Re-frame the problem through different lens; and
  • The solution comes last

Have you recognised and understood the challenges you are currently facing?

How would you know what needs to be done if you don't know the real challenges? It's not about the effect of what's happening, but the root cause. If you're ill you may keep treating the symptoms but the real lasting help is in treating itself. This takes a good hard critical look at what's happening in your business. It's not about blaming others or external factors, but recognising how you might not have dealt with these as well as you might have.

Sometimes you need to take a step back, else get fresh outside eyes to look at the problems you're facing.

You've probably heard of a SWOT analysis. With this in mind and looking at your capacity and resources, you'll want to look at the solutions available to address your challenges or a way to circumvent them. To find the skills to accomplish this, you might look internally, externally or a combination of both.

More sales is not usually the answer

Sure, it might help and would for just about any business so long as it can be delivered but it's not your problem. If you're not making more sales then look at the Why. What is wrong with your message, your value offering, your channels to market? There are pieces to the puzzle which you aren't getting right and those are the challenges to overcome, not simply "more sales". Think about stepping back a little. You might not be as effective with achieving sales because you haven't understood the market, your competitors and your position in it all. You might not have your marketing statement positioned in the right way that sets you apart.

Using different lens for re-framing your perspective

There are also other techniques you can use that will give greater insight into ways to overcome challenges. Re-framing the problem using different lens can be a powerful method. It takes practice and a deep understanding and ability to get into this mindset. Try thinking of the problem through a finance lens, and the dollars side. Or through a human resource lens and only in how people are affected, what they want and need done. It could be from an aesthetic lens and how the situation visually appears and feels. There are numerous ways to look differently at your challenge to find ways to overcome it.

The main point is to really understand the root of your challenge, play on all the strengths of resources available and work around your weaknesses whilst being able to look at it from different and fresh perspectives. You could find your challenge is suddenly turned into value.

If you would like to have a chat, see if we can help you with understanding your challenges and the solutions don't hesitate getting in touch.

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