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Coaching – The Business and Personal Relationship

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20 September 2018
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Yesterday I had the pleasure of a conversation with Jon Thorne, around the subject of business coaching and the relationship with personal lives. Jon’s background is as a pastor, mentoring and supporting young people but combined with years as a performance analyst where he has seen a clear link between personal and business matters impacting on performance.

We discussed how both stresses and issues in one’s personal or business life impacts on the other. Many business coaches look at just the business matters, business goals and a brief consideration of personal goals which aren’t often discussed further. Business goals mostly come back to enable achievement of our personal goals around lifestyle, finance, health, growth, time, friendships and family.

When people manage businesses there are extra pressures and responsibility, and work isn’t always left in the office and too often brought home and into personal lives. Likewise, when there are emotional or stressful personal matters those can play on the mind and affects performance in the workplace. Now when one manages and leads others, those issues can be magnified through affecting others.

Everyone has a picture of what life looks like when we’re flourishing, we just don’t always see how to get there. This is where Jon’s approach can help people better understand, control and work on themselves through confidential coaching that looks at both sides of life. To regularly look at how personal and business goals are being met, long-term strategy and the short-term actions to achieve those and understand how these goals may evolve will help ensure your complete success.

coaching works best when it’s holistic - Jon Thorne

Jon's belief and approach is coaching works best when it’s holistic, when it takes into account every aspect of life. Your relationships, family, health and well-being should be as much a part of the conversation as your work. Owning or leading a business can be a lonely place, so having someone to journey with can be the most valuable investment we make.

Jon’s offering a free initial 2 hour coaching until the end of 2019. Contact us if you want to see the value and difference Jon can unlock.

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