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Your Goals Might Not Be Growth

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Your Goals Might Not Be Growth

A new year and many talk about resolutions. Have you first thought about your goals and why you have them before you set out making resolutions to achieve them?

Know Your Goals and Why

People often set out in business, talk about business as though the first goal is growth and more revenue. Is that really the case for you and if it is, why?

Businesses start for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes those are forgotten or desperate times send you down the wrong path. Whilst wanting to be rewarded for our work and the value it brings do your main goals include any of these?

  • Freedom and flexibility with lifestyle
  • Enjoyment of what you do
  • Enjoyment in the way you do it
  • Choice in those we work with or for
  • Stable income flow for the future
  • Overcoming challenges
  • A Greater Purpose

You decide what you want to achieve

Your ambition may include money but think a little deeper. Think about the why, and then the how. Is it for stability into the future? If so, does your business model and strategy consider this and give you direction in moving forward?

There may well be financial aspects to what you want. You need to understand these and you should have your own reasons for this. Don't have others dictate these to you. You might want growth but if it's for ego, to please or impress others then it's not good enough to be your goal.

You could be wanting to enjoy your business more, the service you provide and for your team to love working with you. If that's the case, embed it into your plans for the year ahead. If there are stresses and struggles you want to overcome, set those as your new year resolutions.

Align Your Resolutions With Your Goals

After and only after you know what you want to achieve this year, then you can lay out your resolutions. Get the results you want and a better year than the last!

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