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Free Expert Advisory Panel Session

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30 November 2018
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As a consultancy group that specialises in senior and executive management support, Ascendis consists of independent experts coming from different backgrounds and bringing different skills and experience. We all have a passion for understand business challenges, the underlying causes and how practical solutions can be found using the resources available.

In sharing this passion we came together last week to see what we can do to help business owners, managers and leaders. Everyone has a few challenges at any one time and often feel alone in tackling these, even with their team in support. We know it sometimes takes a different perspective, a fresh look and a 'full field' view to identify the steps to take.

How can we really help? How will it be easy for you?

We already invest a lot of time with others and we're not minute counters. We focus on the issues and value through solutions, so we decided this value should be at the core of an offering. To give you an opportunity to discuss your business with us, identify the challenges and sit in a comfortable and confidential environment without judgement lets us as a group of independent expert advisors really focus on what you need.

Building a professional relationship in this way, without any sales pitch and in giving you a high level of value in a relatively short period of time is extremely effective. Sometimes we may assist in managing and executing solutions, or we may direct you to others that can, at very least you will finish the session with direction and knowing steps you can take to overcome those challenges you're currently facing. All of this without any obligation.

What challenges are you facing?

As business owners ourselves with over a century of experience between us, we've faced and overcome challenges in all aspects of business. I've personally worked with clients for decades in addressing their own challenges and continue to do so. Just some of the areas you may have to deal with are leadership and motivation, human resources, staff retention, financial management, information technology, business systems and workflow, strategy, customer service, quality control, supply chain management, procurement, and sales and marketing.

How does an Expert Advisory Panel session work?

You can let us know your interested on our session page, completing a short questionnaire that helps give an understanding of your business and challenges you current face. We can then prepare for our session together and if we would recommend including other experts beyond our core team.

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