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Holiday Time? Time to Get Busy.

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If you're finding this is the start of a quieter time, people aren't buying and decision making waiting until after the holiday period, this is the time to really get busy and prepare for a great 2019. Until now whilst you've been busy there has been an excuse to get things done later when you have time, to look at improving things when there's a chance.

For most, when the holiday time approaches it's time to start easing up but is that really the best thing to do?

Some time ago I had a small chain of bars/restaurants with some partners. I was new to the industry but not my partners and I remember one of them telling staff there is always something to do. He told them things could be checked, cleaned, blinds and edges wiped done, prep to be done, always if you look there is something worth doing.

I also had a company licensing software tools for accountants. One thing that surprised me there was November and December were always our busiest sales months. We had more enquiries and made more sales. I realised many accountants were using the quieter time to invest in improvements, seeking out better ways of getting things done.

Opportunity to get on top of things

There are some industries such as retail where things are getting busier now, but if they're not for you that is ok and is a great opportunity to get on top of those things you've previously made excuses for not doing. Researching and identifying new systems takes time and implementation is often best at these quieter times, so if you don't start thinking of this now you might miss the boat.

With our clients we recommend looking at business systems, the processes and workflow. It's far easier and more cost-effective to setup and run systems concurrently when making changes, or even if doing a cold hard switch when fewer customers will be affected and small glitches are more easily ironed out.

Or you might find it's about strategy, and making a plan for the future. Are all aspects of your business aligned with your goals, your vision? Is the service you offer, the pricing strategy, marketing strategy, your communication, leadership and corporate cultures all in-line with where you want to go and how you want to get there?

Whether it's the approaching Christmas period or another time you find things are quiet, take a look at your business, what is happening and how, and think about taking steps to improve.

No more excuses. The time is now.

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