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New Financial Year Resolutions

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29 June 2018
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20 September 2018

Each year we all hear about New Year Resolutions, and often feel pressure to list some resolutions usually in areas of health and fitness.

But what about resolutions for businesses?

In Australia, with the Financial Year ending today it's an ideal time to both form resolutions for the year ahead and start acting on them. Like for our personal lives, these can be also be for the health and fitness of your business... and few of them are truly as healthy as can be and running fit.

Resolutions in regards to the financial aspect of business are usually best to be acted upon at a new financial year, though sometimes do need some planning such as implementing a software change. Having said that, I know it can be done quite quickly and painlessly if using someone experienced with this, and the whole point in resolutions is to take action and stop procrastinating!

In my recent series of Budget articles, I gave plenty of reasons for business budgeting and the value you can see from it, so if you want the year ahead to be a step forward for your business you should drop us a line, or someone else also with expertise in this area and just have a chat and find out how this can work for you. Likewise, with your financial management consider if you have a true grasp of what's been happening in your business and what to expect ahead or if you don't, make it a resolution and take action by getting in touch to see what can be done.

Or your resolutions may relate to other aspects of your business.

With your business processes and operational efficiencies, we can help you with those. If you aren't sure what you need and just realise other things can be better, chances are we know the experts that can help and are happy to have a chat with you and point you in the right direction.

Sometimes you just have to draw a line in the sand, say 'enough is enough' and make real resolutions and take actions that improve aspects of your business. At Ascendis, we do our best to provide value to business and are available for a chat so now is the time to set those resolutions and start the new financial year with a step forward to a great year ahead.

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