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CTO & IT Management

What does that mean?

The CTO role is that of the Chief Technology Officer, responsible for the IT and digital management of a company ensuring the right solutions are in place for your needs. Your team also needs to be equipped to maximise potential through the proper use of these tools, knowing how to best use them to support all functions without your business.

Vision & Planning

Operational Efficiency

Digital Capabilities

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CTO Support

You are supported with a CTO for your needs, when you require it.

On the ball IT Management is needed for most successful well managed businesses. To jump in implementing the first bit of software someone in a chat group recommends is a dangerous approach. Maybe you're lucky and you get through it by the seat of your pants.

Chances are you realise it's a struggle once you put it to use, or when you are experiencing a growth phase and are too busy to deal with it. A CTO first understands your vision and plans for the digital capabilities you need that provide operational efficiency for your unique business model and supports the implementation process.

Your team will be led and supported in their growth.

The role of CTO is that of responsibility and leadership. To get the best out of your team, keep them motivate, continue their own development and have them empowered to work at the best of their ability they need leadership and support.

Understand how to manage your resources for your IT management needs results in better utilisation of skills and talent available. The right opportunities for development and progression provided, and outcomes achieved that benefit your business and your team long-term.

Working with all Business Managers in all areas

Your digital capabilities are determined by the needs of all your internal stakeholders, every functional aspect of your business and how it interacts with customers and suppliers.

Your IT management should not be decided and operating separately from the other aspects of your business. It is the foundation of all business areas. Your strategic direction should align across these areas and the way your technology plan supports this and help achieve your goals.

Technology Management Solutions

Your CTO in Support

We're all about solutions for your needs. We talk openly, directly, and in plain English . Your needs are the focus and how these are best addressed.


An information systems and technology strategist, Sheldon specialises in planning and implementing the right technology, effectively. With over 40 years continual experience in the applied technology, Sheldon ensures it is aligned with business strategy to achieve a competitive advantage.

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