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For Accountants

Fully Reconciled Accounts

Need Management Accountancy? We take this beyond just bank reconciliations, we make sure period end accruals are all done and balance sheet accounts fully reconciled. You receive clear detailed working papers for clients.

Client Support

Your clients receive management support throughout the year, extended beyond tax and compliance. Working with you we ensure clients implement your advice and understand their performance, as it's happening.

Extend Capabilities

We focus on financial management, it's meaning and how it relates across other aspects of a client's business. This helps your clients access more service whilst maintaining your relationship for structuring, taxation and compliance. We fill the gaps.

Client Growth

Your business grows as your clients grow, your success linked with theirs. Opportunities to provide greater support to clients increases your business sustainability as you become more profitable.

Hands-On Practical Experience

Revelant Business


Experience supported by qualifications gives you confidence in the value brought to clients

It's important to always look for ways to add value to your clients, help them improve, grow and achieve their goals. As a part of their financial management team do you consider ways you can help, look after them, keep them as an ongoing client into the future?

Why You Want To Involve Ascendis?

Clients go to you to confidently meet compliance requirements, add value and to minimise their tax.  Ascendis also adds value in a complementary manner, from management accountancy and virtual CFO through to operational improvements. These may include:

  • Monthly/Quarterly reporting and CFO Role
  • Business Process Review and Recommendations
  • Business Systems and Software Development

How This Benefits You

We fill gaps alongside your services. As an advocate for better financial management, proper structuring and compliance we're an extra party supporting your involvement.  We work to strengthen and grow clients which is better for you, and certainly for the client.

We don't start with the solutions, we begin by listening and understanding needs. We consider the existing resources available, how these can best be utilised and we're we add value that fits between you and the client.


Interested in Partnering?

If you see this as an opportunity for you and your clients, taking things to the next level... get in touch and we'll have a chat to see what may work best.